Sunday, March 7, 2010

the title and blog address

Hi! Welcome to my brandi new blog! (Yes, I typed "brandi" on purpose.) I used to blog on myspace on a semi-regular basis, and since I'm on facebook all the time now, and there is NO blog there, I decided to come here to create my own.

The title, "i am unanimous in this," I got from the British comedy "Are You Being Served." One of the characters, Mrs. Sloakum, would say that line quite a bit, and I thought it was quite funny. Not only that, but it seems to fit here because this blog is going to be about my life and things as I see them. The blog address, "plastic doll planet," was actually a name we were considering for the band I was in awhile back. And I think that it's entirely true...that the gist of our world concentrates on looking like the runway models or the girl who's on the current cover of Cosmo. And I just really like the name. :)

This blog, should you choose to read it, will contain stuff from my life's journey, random thoughts, rants, and of course a lot about my munchkin! This will not be for the closed-minded, as I will probably cover some rather controversial or taboo subjects. It's possible that I'll give a warning at the beginning of the blog, so if you choose to read on I will not be responsible for the grimaces, frowns, or other weird faces you may make if you don't agree. :)

Well, this is it, folks. My intro. Peace out.


  1. Woo....welcome to blogger Brandi! I have one as well, had it for a long time, then fell off. Now I'm back! LOL

    I am looking forward to reading more! I loved reading your myspace ones! Blogging is therapeutic!

  2. I'm trying to blog more now, too. So excited that you have one!

  3. Blogging IS therapeutic for sure! I'm glad you've enjoyed reading my myspace blogs, Annie.

    Lori, I'm glad you're excited! I am too!